HELLO FE:A MY LOVE OH HOW I’VE MISSED DRAWING YOU RUNS INTO ITS ARMS ε=ε=ε= 。・゚(゚ノT-T)ノ I’ve been dying to draw some fe:a for a while since it feels like I haven’t even touched it in ages so I thought while I’m trying to be productive today MIGHT AS WELL GIVE IT A SHOT and here I am a happy camper.

This is just kind of a random idea I’ve actually had for a while tbh.  Since Lucina and Emm both had their tiaras (headwear in Emm’s case?? what is that thing) and Lissa kind of has something akin to a tiara I thought well since Carinus is the princess of Ylisse being married to Chrom and the rightful heir to Plegia sHE DESERVES A LITTLE CROWN TOO SO..!!! 

It isn’t very well designed since I’m bad at designing and was inspired by pictures of pretty fantasy tiaras that I saw.  I mainly worked off the exalt brand in the middle since that was the main focus of the idea I’d had for a while.  But I’m pretty satisfied with it!!  And happy I got to draw my bae again (人´v`*) also it’s my headcanon that Carinus doesn’t like to be spoiled by royalty things and gets flustered when she has to wear fancy things since she isn’t used to it.

If there’s one thing that this game continues to rub in my face it’s the fact that all the marriage candidates are sO PRECIOUS AND PERFECT but I can’t marry them all because 3 SAVE SLOTS 。・゚ヾ(✦థ ェ థ)ノ。゚・。 It’s really become tempting to give up my Lest file so I can marry Leon because I’m really starting to love him (especially since he reminds me of Yuri from Vesperia) bUT NO. I WANNA PLAY AS LEST.  So all I can do is fawn at him from afar and draw him… and continue to toss around the idea of marrying him.

I’M REALLY SUPER DUPER HAPPY WITH THIS THOUGH.  I haven’t felt this proud of a drawing in what feels like a long time and it feels so nice oaeirhgoe I actually did this because I randomly felt like drawing Leon’s ears and I’m really happy I went with it because I’m so happy with how it turned out HIS EARS ESPECIALLY ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ It was really great practice too for more masculine features.  Though his fan was a bitch because my brain could not process feathers at an angle.

So I got my copy of Hyrule Warriors in the mail the other day (AND IT’S SO FUN) but I found out that when you first meet Midna, you actually have to beat her up to win the stage. I WAS SO DISTRESSED LIKE WHY I DONT WANT TO HARM THE QUEEN.  I was crying sorry the whole time it was awful.

SO HERE IS MY GIFT AND APOLOGY TO THE QUEEN OF TWILIGHT.  And I also really felt like drawing her because shes fun and I’ve taken a liking to the black+bright blue palette when just doodling her.  The black makes it especially fun and easy since I can blop it around and shape things accordingly (*´▽`*) I’m kinda in the middle with how this turned out since I’m still struggling with this slump but…!  I’m just happy I was able to draw Midna again and now I can finally play as her in HW.  A DREAM COME TRUE.

I saw your brotp head canon thingy for Frey and Barrett so I was also thinking Leonel and Barrett's other child Yuri could play with Luna and/or Noel if they came to visit which I'm sure they would! (maybe Luna and Leonel could end up being together who knows XD I think that would be perfect) What do you think?

Oh my god yES. He would definitely bring his family to Selphia at some point mostly because I’m 99% Frey would bug him until he finally caved in and did.  Since she’d want to meet her best friends family herself and all.  And also because Leonel and Yuri would think it was sO COOL HIS DAD KNEW THE PRINCESS/QUEEN OF SELPHIA. 

AND THEN THE KIDS yes the kids oiaherog Leonel could make Luna little adorable accessories and new flowery headbands/clips whenever he’d visit (since he’d probably know how to craft being taught by Mana and no doubt Barrett) and think she was the cutest thing (even though she miGHT’VE thought he was a girl when they first met). Luna would even introduce him to Margaret and Porco because he likes to cook and they’d all cook tOGETHER.

Then if it was Noel, with Yuri being a tomboy, him and Yuri would beg their parents to take them to the water ruins and different places to read the Earthscript and just explore (they’d love traveling on the airship too to Barrett’s dismay) and they’d end up playing with/teasing Venti a lOT.  Sometimes they’d join Illuminata and Amber on their cases and train with Forte too.

AND IF ANY OF THE KIDS ENDED UP TOGETHER oh boy oh boy it’d be so cUTE (〃▽〃)

I’m in love with this brotp family visits idea leave me h ere


So I got Rune Factory 4 for my birthday a little while ago and I’ve been playing it everyday and I’ve come to the conclusion that Frey and Barrett are my headcanon bffs.  JUST WITH HOW WELL THEY GET ALONG AND HOW FAST BARRETT GETS FP AND ლ(ٱ٥ٱლ) you can’t tell me they aren’t really great friends.  My friend also added that she likes to think that the two of them sit and talk about their kids a lot too.

I finished the first arc the other day (AND CRIED) and had this idea that after everything and Frey comes back, Barrett gives her a hug because he was worried after Leon came back alone first.  But then he’d smack her with some rolled up paper and scold her like the teacher he is.  I DON’T KNOW BARRETT WELL SINCE I HAVEN’T PLAYED RF2 YET but I was keeling over at the idea knowing how Barrett is in RF4.

I’m really super happy with how this came out though and it was a lot of fun (especially drawing Frey) I’VE MISSED DRAWING RF THINGS.  It really feels good to be able to draw something though and be happy with it again since I’d somehow dug myself deeper in a slump so GONNA TRY TO KEEP IT UP ヽ(;▽;)ノ

drwindom whispered:
Do you have any other artist on tumblr that you think we should follow????<333

Oh yes yes!!!  There are quiet a few artists that I think you guys should take a look at and follow.  I’ll name a few here…

- Rynnae
- Ruebird
- Ticcytx
- Mintycolors
- Joodlez
- Acetactician
- Radical—-dreamer (some nsfw stuff on their blog so be careful!)
- Inarina
- Dualsupport
- Tokocoo
- Mivvu
- Koshinagi00x
- Dekoart
- CTChrysler

(that was more than a few oops) But yeah definitely check them out! They’re all truly amazing and inspiring!!


I’m not quite sure what encouraged me to rewatch FMA after years of not really watching it (except for maybe a few of my favorite scenes here and there) but I’ve been completely consumed by it again oOPS.  I was watching it the other day for about nine and a half hours ∑(゚ロ゚〃) S-So I couldn’t resist drawing my favorite boi Ed…

This was actually kind of a challenge at first since I’m still working my way out of the terrible art slump I’ve been in (not being able to draw much recently to try and get out of it didn’t help) but once I got it it was fun and I like how it came out!!  Drawing him really felt nostalgic and it was really fun doing his CoS outfit, especially using the brown palette since it looks good him (∩∀`*)

Some things happened today that kinda put me in a really bad mood and I needed to do something to get my frustration out so I drew my OC Eve for a little while  。゜(つω`)゜。 and I also practiced some action poses at the same time because watching some clips of Tifa and some other badass ladies kicking ass inspired me and made me feel a looooot better.  I REALLY LIKE HOW THESE TURNED OUT THOUGH I feel like I’m slowly getting the hang of action poses and even sketching…

drwindom whispered:
Your art is amazing what do you use to draw in

Thank you very much aeirg (*/∇\*) and I draw in Paint Tool SAI!


I finally draw FE:A again after weeks of not drawing it (I FEEL SO BAD) and I come back bearing probably one of the worst ideas I’ve had for a drawing. okay not the worst because I draw a lot of terrible feely things

FUNNY STORY ABOUT THE BLOOD THOUGH… I did not originally intend for it to have blood.  I’ve been completely stuck in an art slump lately but I’m still trying to draw every day so today I drew Emm… but then as I was procrastinating on getting to work on chores I doodled the blood and showed my friends as a joke but they… all really liked it.  LIKE REALLY LIKED IT… So I neatened it up and T-TADA.  I’m sorry q(T▽Tq)(pT▽T)p